On June 30, 2015

Welcome to Tech Factory!

With this blog entry we would like to welcome you to Tech Factory IQS’ center for entrepreneurship. With 109 years of history, IQS is one of the most prestigious universities combining science, engineering and business management. Many scientists, engineers and business people went though IQS’s laboratories, workshops, and classrooms over the years. In fact, IQS has notably contributed to the education of several generations of talented people that created the industries and business that form the basis of the Catalan economy. And today IQS aims to further contribute to boost the local and global economy by launching Tech Factory.

IQS Tech Factory’s goal is to promote and support entrepreneurship of a scientific and technical basis. With this, we aim to contribute to the development of new industrial, and transformative ventures. The scope of sectors we focus on include; Advanced Industrial Techniques (packaging, industrial design & manufacturing, precision engineering), Automatization and Motor Solutions (machinery, mobility, robotics), Energy and Environment (green economy, grids, power systems), Food (food and drinks, nutraceticals), New Materials (nanotech, biomaterials, electronic materials), Life Sciences (biotech, pharma, medical devices), Chemistry (new molecules, compounds and formulations, chemical processes).

Tech Factory is where researchers and business people work together to bring innovative solutions to the market, it is where established corporations partner with spin offs and startups. It is where science and business meet.

Tech Factory is going public today with this website, and a public launching event will follow in the fall. On the meantime we already started organizing events and activities. To be updated on our activities, sign in to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We look forward to meeting you in person, and together develop a strong community of industrial and transformative new ventures.

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